Las Vegas Open Announced

$30,000 Guaranteed Prize Fund

September 15-19, 16-19, or 17-19

Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, 3700 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas

Reserve a room at

Enter at

Open Section September 15-19: 9-SS, G/90 +30. GM & IM norms possible.
Under Sections September 16-19 or 17-19: 7-SS, G/90 +30 (3-day round 1 G/45 +10).

Open: 3000-1500-700-300-200; top under 2300: 1000-500. $300 bonus prize for the first 20 GMs, WGMs or foreign IMs who enter and play all 9 rounds with no byes.

Under 2200: 1500-750-350-250-200. Top under 2050: 500-250.

Under 1900: 1500-750-350-250-200. Top under 1750: 500-250.

Under 1600: 1500-750-350-250-200. Top under 1450: 500-250.

Under 1300: 1200-600-250-200-200. Top under 1000: 400-200. Top under 800: 400-200. Top unrated 400-200.

Mixed Doubles: best male/female combined 2-player team score: 1000-500-200. Average rating below 2200, teammates may play in different sections, only rounds 1-7 count for Open Section

Unrated or provisionally rated players may not win more than $400 in any under section, balance goes to next players in line.

Entry Fee Open: $199 by 7/31, $239 by 8/31, $260 later. $100 less for foreign FIDE rated players. $100 more for players who have never been rated 2200 USCF or 2100 FIDE. GM, WGM and foreign IM $50 by 8/31, refunded at completion of tournament.

Entry Fee Under sections: $139 by 7/31, $159 by 8/31, $180 later. Re-entry $100: cannot re-enter into same schedule and section.

5-day schedule (Open Only): Register by 5 p.m. Wed Rds 6:30, 1-6:30, 1-6:30, 10-3:30, 10-3:30.

4-day schedule: Register by 5 p.m. Thu Rds 6:30, 1-6:30, 10-3:30, 10-3:30

3-day schedule: Register by 9 a.m. Fri Rds 10-1-6:30, 10-3:30, 10-3:30

Half point byes (limit 4) available in any round if requested at least 2 hours before the round; Sunday byes must be requested before the start of round 4 and may not be cancelled.

Chess sets and boards provided for tournament play only, not for skittles. Please bring digital chess clocks!

ENTER Vegas Chess Festivals, PO Box 90925, Henderson, NV 89009-0925, online at after 6/25. Info: (702) 930-9550. FIDE NS W

3 thoughts on “Las Vegas Open Announced

  1. THIS IS THE BEST NEWS OF 2021!!! after the chess life in vegas been dead for so long – real chess event in vegas is “BACK” – BY POPULAR DEMAND!!! we all thanks the peoples behind the events and hope this only a “START”. corona-no corona – WE WANT TO PLAY!!! in vegas….must be chess event every week!!! thanks for bringing back chess to vegas!!! we will support you in any way we can. well….will see you in september!!!!!

    • We originally scheduled this event for one week later but the hotel had a conflict and had to move us back a week. We were faced with the choice of having some of the schedules conflict with Yom Kipper or not having the event at all. We chose the former.

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