Instructions for Online Play

After you enter the tournament before you can play

  • If this is your first Las Vegas Chess Festivals event you must REGISTER the player’s username at with the coupon code on your receipt. The coupon adds 2 months free play at ICC and automatically puts you in the tournament.
  • If you do not have a username at the Internet Chess Club this link will allow you to create an account with 2 free months with your coupon. You may log in at to practice before the tournament. The play page has a  HELP button with useful tips.
  • You must log in at the play page 30 minutes before the first round Saturday and Sunday and you must be logged in at the beginning of each round to be paired. SCHEDULE
  • You must also be logged into Zoom, preferably with a side or rear-view camera.

Zoom Rooms

National Open Championship

Meeting ID 861 0059 2547
Under 2200
Meeting ID: 837 7498 0879 Passcode: 035272
Under 1900
Meeting ID: 829 8802 8485 Passcode: 123831
Under 1600
Meeting ID: 833 9037 3980 Passcode: 021892
Under 1300
Meeting ID: 830 9120 3725 Passcode: 299234

Participants are expected to use the same computer during the whole tournament. Play must be on desktops, laptops and notebooks only, mobiles and tablets are not allowed.

  • Bathroom break: Does not apply to Rapid or Blitz. For Online Regular rated play (G/25+10 & slower), one (1) is allowed per round, but not if the remaining time on both clocks totals under 30 minutes. For Online Quick or Online Blitz rated play, such a break may be penalized at the director’s discretion and may be a factor considered in “fair play” enforcement.
  • Before going on a bathroom break, players must click the “raise your hand” button and type “bathroom” in the Zoom chat.
  • The best setting for the Zoom camera is the angle behind the user, possibly on a cell phone, that allows a view of the entire chess board & monitor. Using the playing computer for Zoom as well is not recommended (uses up bandwidth) and can cause lag or freezing of the chessboard.
  • The Director may on occasion require that Zoom be temporarily adjusted to reveal parts of the room not otherwise displayed.
  • Audio as well as video must be enabled on Zoom.
  • Noise such as music that may be loud enough to mask possible illegal discussion is not permitted.
  • Zoom may be used either on the computer being used to play or on a separate device, clearly showing the player and making him/her easily identifiable.
  • A player may not leave for a bathroom break while on move.
  • Players are warned that improvement of play slightly after a bathroom break is considered highly suspicious and, depending on other factors, could lead to a player being forfeited or banned.

We may send email with further instructions before the event.
Be sure your email accepts messages from