Fair Play

Participants are expected to use the same computer during the whole tournament. Play must be on desktops, laptops and notebooks only, mobiles and tablets are not allowed.

  • Bathroom break: Does not apply to Rapid. For Online Regular rated play (G/25+10 & slower), one (1) is allowed per round, but not if the remaining time on both clocks totals under 30 minutes. For Online Quick or Online Blitz rated play, such a break may be penalized at the director’s discretion and may be a factor considered in “fair play” enforcement.
  • The bathroom break limit applies to players whether using Zoom or not.  Before going on a bathroom break, players must click the “raise your hand” button and type “bathroom” in the Zoom chat.
  • The best setting for the Zoom camera is the angle behind the user, possibly on a cell phone, that allows a view of the entire chess board & monitor. Using the playing computer for Zoom as well is not recommended (uses up bandwidth) and can cause lag or freezing of the chessboard.
  • The Director may on occasion require that Zoom be temporarily adjusted to reveal parts of the room not otherwise displayed.
  • Audio as well as video must be enabled on Zoom.
  • Noise such as music that may be loud enough to mask possible illegal discussion is not permitted.
  • Zoom may be used either on the computer being used to play or on a separate device, clearly showing the player and making him/her easily identifable.
  • A player may not leave for a bathroom break while on move.
  • Players are warned that improvement of play slightly after a bathroom break is considered highly suspicious and, depending on other factors, could lead to a player being forfeited or banned.

We may send email with further instructions before the event.
Be sure your email accepts messages from online-td@chess.vegas.

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