Poker Tournament

Chess Festival Poker TournamentMonday September 21 11:00 a.m.

The poker tournament will be held only if the new gaming regulations in effect at that time allow. We will post more information when we know. The following describes the format we hope to use.

Enjoy the action of our No Limit Hold’em Tournament. This is a private tournament for participants and guests of our Chess Festival. Play for cash and a commemorative bracelet any poker player would be proud to wear. Knock out any member of our staff for a $25 bounty.


  • The Rio Poker Room


  • No-Limit Tournament
  • $5,000 Starting Chips
  • $5 Dealer Bonus gets you $2,500 additional chips.
  • Blinds start at 100/100 and increase every 15 minutes.


    1100-100NO LIMIT
    2100-200NO LIMIT
    3200-400NO LIMIT
    4300-600NO LIMIT
    10 Minute BreakRace off 100s
    5500-1000NO LIMIT
    51000-2000NO LIMIT
    71500-3000NO LIMIT
    82000-4000NO LIMIT
    10 Minute BreakRace off 500s
    93000-6000NO LIMIT
    104000-8000NO LIMIT
    115000-10000NO LIMIT
    126000-12000NO LIMIT
    10 Minute Break
  • 20% of entries are withheld to pay the house.
  • Details Subject to Change.


  • at the Poker Room Late Registration and re-entries are available until the end of first break.

Entry Fee

  • $100 in cash or chips only.

Starting Chips

  • $5,000


  • Commemorative Bracelet and cash for the Winner.
    The number of additional places paid depends on the number of entries.
    $25 bounty on Festival staff members.
    Deals are not permitted.